Light aircraft crashes into Volvo XC60 on London Airport image

A light aircraft has crashed into a Volvo XC60 on an airdrome in London and the passengers of the Swedish vehicle have lived to tell the story.

Usually when writing about car crashes we are used to saying that an Italian supercar, most of the times, has been driven on high speed and because the driver didn’t have any experience in “playing” with powerful vehicles, he/she has ruined the ride. But this isn’t the case here and we are actually talking about a Volvo XC60, which is anything but exotic.

According to the guys at, the Swedish vehicle has been hit by a light aircraft on an airdrome in London. The unfortunate incident took place two years ago but the news came to surface today. Our source is saying that the passengers of the Volvo XC60 walked away unharmed from the unfortunate incident and, besides walking away with no injuries, they also managed to save the pilot from the cockpit in which a small fire has started.

The impact between the Volvo XC60 and the light aircraft happened because the small plane had some problems while it was landing. The aircraft has hit the sideway of the Volvo XC60 on a secondary runway. The plane was completely destroyed in a fire, which also affected the vehicle.