Lime Green Lamborghini Centenario arrives in Hong Kong image

While it’s carrying the “Centenario” moniker, a mere 40 units of the special Lambo will be manufactured – 20 as a coupe and another 20 as a convertible, each carrying a starting price of almost 2 million greenbacks.

Speaking of green, after previously delivering more than 10 examples around the globe, Lamborghini has decided to satisfy the order coming from Hong Kong – we previously saw on the Internet the first US example finished in blue carbon fiber, as well as a flashy orange-unit delivered to H.R. Owen in London. The new commission is certainly unique – it’s the only one out of the limited 40-unit production that comes finished in a Verde Bronto bright green exterior, complete with customer-desired matte finish.

Lime Green Lamborghini Centenario arrives in Hong Kong 1

The bespoke green lime shade is naturally contrasted by the bare carbon fiber trim, along with gold carbon fiber accents on the roof, engine cover, side mirrors, rear wing, lower parts of the trim, and the alloys. A Nero Ade black Alcantara upholstery is wrapping the entire interior, with accents of matching bright green, along with gold trimming and a full carbon fiber package. The green dragon breaths fire through its naturally aspirated V12 good for 759 horsepower (565 kilowatts) and a 0-60 mph (96 kph) sprint of just 2.8 seconds, on to a top speed of 217 mph (350 kph). The model will be the centerpiece of the company’s Grand Opening VIP Party for its new local showroom on October 18.