Limited Edition 57S Coupe from Maybach is comming image

While rival Bentley and Rolls-Royce lineups both contain two-door super-luxury coupes, Daimler’s Maybach brand isn’t as fortunate.

The renderings shown here have been produced by German firm Xenatech, who are pledging to build up to 100 copies of their Maybach Coupe for sale to anyone with a big enough garage and over half a million quid in the bank. The Maybach 57 S chassis will be provided by Daimler and the coupe will house four seats. To make it a two-door, modifications to the A, B and C pillars, doors, fenders, front and rear section are needed. Compared to the limo, the coupe’s B pillar will be moved 20 inches rearwards for easier access to the back seats. Other changes seen are the new front and rear apron, tail lights and exhaust pipes.


Power will come from the standard Maybach’s 612hp 6-litre twin turbo V12, which will be unmolested although at this level in the market such niceties tend to be at the whim of the individual owners.

The pricing of the Maybach coupe will start from EUR 650,000 (or $816,500) and only 100 units will be commissioned.