Lincoln coming with standard service pickup for every new automobile image

The Ford division is looking to set itself apart among the myriad of luxury automakers by allowing its customers to eschew the often dull and time-consuming visit to the dealership.

This new luxurious perk is just part of the company’s ongoing strive to offer the best luxury-car ownership experience – beginning with the 2017 Continental the owner of a Lincoln may never have to visit the dealership again – as the latter will have to pick up the buyer’s car for service, free of charge. When the car’s due time arrives, the dealer will be there to pick the car from home or workplace, also leaving a loaner car in its place. Following the service procedures completion, the car will be returned to the customer’s location of choice. “Lincoln Pickup and Delivery service revolves around complementing our luxury vehicles with outstanding luxury experiences,” comments Lincoln North America director of sales and marketing Andrew Frick. “Our dealers view this as a way to differentiate the client experience for Lincoln owners.”

Lincoln has already been testing the feature since May 2015, with bespoke Lincoln dealers offering the pickup and delivery program as a beta. Owners that experienced the service were then willing to recommend the brand (98 percent), and also would become repeat buyers (93 percent). This idea is not entirely new – it was available for the Hyundai Equus for example – but Lincoln is bold to offer the service for every new 2017 model year vehicle.


  • Bruce Burns

    I cannot still accept the poor design of the Continental , so bland and no wow factor , it looks like a Ford from the past , no excitement put into it , just like from the bland days of the past .