Beginning this month Ford will start building a Lincoln dealer network in China and the process will last two years.

In the next two years, Ford sees Lincoln reinventing itself in North America, introducing a new vehicle each year over the next four years, beginning this December with the MKZ. Lincoln will offer the North American market small and midsize cars and crossovers. For the Chinese market, Ford plans to develop a separate defined network for the brand.

Since Lincoln will become an international brand, it would be easier to compete with Cadillac and other German and Japanese luxury auto makers. Choosing to expand in China, is a well-though plan, as the luxury market here is expected to surpass the US by 2020. Analysts expect the luxury vehicle sales to increase from the current 6% to 9%, which means 2.7 million cars, by the end of 2020.

About 20 years ago Lincoln was the best-selling luxury brand in the States, until Ford stopped introducing new models and focused on rebadged Ford products to keep the brand alive. Lincoln’s revival will begin with the 2013 MKZ that will go on sale by the end of this year, the first all-new model in the brand’s revival.


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