Lincoln gets fashionable with new blue interior for the Continental image

In case you didn’t know, the Pantone Color Institute has named blue as the fashionable shade this spring for clothing – and it appears Lincoln is looking to dress your new Continental accordingly.

Their new Rhapsody, “a unique monochromatic interior in rich, layered tones of blue” is an interesting interior theme – and one that has been chosen specifically: “Rhapsody takes a bit of our Lincoln heritage, our signature blue, and modernizes it,” according to David Woodhouse, design director at Lincoln Motor Company. Apparently, the materials and dashboard layout have been designed to “flow like water” – the dashboard gets soft blue leather with contrasting decorative accents around the air vents, and the seats as well as parts of the door cards get Alcantara sueded cloth.

Lincoln gets fashionable with new blue interior for the Continental 1

Apparently blue is the new black, according to the Pantone Color Institute, three blue hues have entered the op 10 colors of the season, with the automaker adding its color will bring “warmth, comfort and security.” Additionally, while working on the project, the design team listened to George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. In case that’s not working for you, you can also have the signature Black Label theme for the 2017 Lincoln Continental, packing 20-inch wheels and additional soft-touch and suede-like coverings for the interior.