Lincoln plans MKS Livery sedan image

Ford’s sub-brand Lincoln has recently announced its plans to introduce an MKS Livery sedan which should become available to its future customers quite soon.

According to the North American based automaker, the Lincoln MKS Livery sedan will be a successor of the Town Car Executive L and it will be launched with three option packages, with an optional all-wheel drive system and with some other tweaks, which should make it more attractive to its future customers. Lincoln also says that the wheelbase of the MKS Livery sedan can be stretched by up to six inches (152 mm) by fleet and limo operators.

“We listened to market needs to enable the Lincoln MKT Town Car to become a worthy successor to the Town Car Executive L, and now look forward to doing the same with the new MKS Livery sedan. This new model will continue our long presence in this industry, and Lincoln remains committed to this segment going forward”, said the Lincoln Global director, Matt VanDyke.

The Lincoln MKS Livery sedan will go on sale across the United States later on this year and the model will be priced from 43,865 USD. The MKS Livery sedan will come with a 4-year / 150,000 mile extended service plan. Additional details on the model remain unknown for the moment and will be announced close to its debut.

Source: Lincoln