Lincoln Releases Its Second Super Bowl Ad image

Lincoln Motor got more serious with its second Super Bowl ad, a 30-second commercial about the rebirth of the 2013 MKZ.

After the automaker’s first ad received criticism about the lack of a focused message, Lincoln’s second ad is focused on the way the company sees its 2013 MKZ as a rebirth of the brand and the embodiment of everything that a luxury consumer wishes. If the first spot, featuring talk-show host Jimmy Fallon, is combining tweets and other social media messages into a story about a woman heading to a wedding, a German exchange student, leather-wearing bikers, sheep and some turtles, the second one, titled ‘Phoenix’ presents the new beginning of the brand with the new MKZ emerging from the flames of a Lincoln Town Car.

“The best thing I can say about the ad is that it is different,” said Michael Bernacchi, professor of marketing at the University of Detroit Mercy, about the first ad. “But is it appropriately different? This is different almost to the point of being dysfunctional.”

Lincoln’s Super Bowl ads represent the automaker’s strategy to focus on a new market of individual-minded luxury consumers. The automaker introduced the 2013 MKZ in the last 10 days of January, and the company plans to deliver the more models in the following four years to attract these new luxury consumers.