Lincoln seems to bet its sales recovery on SUVs image

Ford Motor Co.’s ailing luxury brand Lincoln looks for salvation in its lineup of SUV models, with the automaker recently introducing the redesigned 2016 MKX to follow in the successful footsteps of the smaller MKC.

Ford has pledged a serious amount of billions and moved to introduce the brand in China as part of its strategy to bring afloat a loss-making brand – the luxury car line is just eighth among the segment’s brands in the US. Additionally, Lincoln has lost 59% of its sales quota since its 1990 peak as the corporate image depicted a brand for the elderly and airport shuttle services. The automaker came a little better out last year, with deliveries jumping 15.6 percent – with the increases almost entirely supported by demand for the brand’s SUVs. Chief among them were the Matthew McConaughey-endorsed new compact MKC and the refreshed version of the Navigator, a model that ranks high among hip hoppers since the days we saw Sean Combs as Puff Daddy.

Fresh from the pipeline that has been opened by Ford Chief Executive Mark Fields – pushing the throttle with a $2.5 billion investment on four new models – comes the MKX, while the brand made a late hour push into the second largest premium market of the world – China – late into 2014. The new MKX, with its always-connected interior and a lower, wider stance that has shed any resemblance to the platform-brethren Ford Edge, comes to compliment the brand’s newfound “great strength” in utility vehicles that spearheads Lincoln’s turnaround.

Via Bloomberg