The North American based automaker Lincoln is planning to produce a new model based on the Ford Mustang which will come as a Coupe.

Even if there are no official details on a possible Lincoln Coupe based on the Ford Mustang hitting the market over the following years, the guys at Ford Inside News are saying that the model will most likely see daylight and the Lincoln Coupe will depend on the success of the 2013 MKZ and the 2014 MKD because if the two vehicles will fail, Ford will probably consider pulling the plug on its popular brand.

But if the two models mentioned above will become a success, Ford will produce a new Lincoln model which will be based on the Mustang and it will be a rear-wheel drive coupe. The model in question should hit the market at the end of 2015 as a 2016 model year or even a 2017 model year. Details on the new RWD Lincoln coupe remain unknown for the moment but rumors are saying that the model will get a longer wheelbase than the Mustang and it should be based on the next generation of the muscle car.

Source: Ford Inside News


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