Ford’s luxury marque has been struggling in recent years, even if the blue oval company changed the brand’s image entirely. Now, the premium division wants a stable growth strategy, starting with the small MKC compact crossover.

That’s a little odd for a brand that has most of its traction in the US, where the big, hulking pickups and SUVs are once again very fashionable – the MKC will be the brand’s smallest offering, also offering one of the best price deals in the segment – as it starts from a MSRP of $33,995. The strategy actually underpins the swing in consumer interest – long gone are the big sedans, as customers opt for the more versatile SUVs and crossovers. And lately, the compact crossover sub segment has been all the rage – attracting buyers from above and below the usual customer target base.

“MKC was a big decision for the company because conventional wisdom says you build imagery by your most expensive cars but that’s not the reality in the luxury industry anymore,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s head of Lincoln as well as global sales and marketing. “What luxury customers look for, and the essence of your brand, is your most affordable products.”

Lincoln was largely reintroduced to the US public last year, with a behind the screen rebirth that concentrates on the smaller, more affordable models, while the big players – the MKS full-size sedan and large SUVs MKT and Navigator – held back for later.


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