Lincoln wants 7 new models till 2014 image

Ford is looking to make Lincoln a stronger competitor to Cadillac, and will introduce “seven all-new or significantly refreshed vehicles in the next four years.”

While the latest generation of Lincolns has been visually distinct from Ford-brand cousins, those differences are expected to multiply as its cars and crossovers are replaced or revamped over the next four years.

In addition to unique exterior and interior styling, Kuzak said the new Lincolns will include exclusive features such as retractable roofs, more refined computer-controlled chassis and a higher level of touch-screen controls for navigation and climate control.

“We have made tremendous progress on profitably growing the Ford brand during the past few years,” said Ford Americas president Mark Fields. “Now, it is time to do the same for Lincoln.”

Younger customers
Jim Farley, Ford’s group vice president, global marketing, sales and service, said Lincoln will aim for younger customers.
Right now, Lincoln’s average buyer is 61, more than a decade older than BMW’s 50-year-old, according to CNW Marketing Research.

“We want to add … a group of core luxury customers who are in their 40s and 50s,” Farley said.

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  • Seahawk 1

    The customer base now for lincoln is almost non – existant , I hope they come up with some wow me cars that actually go from concept to production but the boring people at Ford would never let that happen. The Cadillac CTS amazing, and there are other too. I would like to see a "Hot Rod Lincoln" but I'm afraid only in my dreams The MKR is a good idea I would like to see it come to production just like that. or even something as unique as a hybrid performance V-10 or V-8 powering the REAR WHEELS!! Cadillac has stepped into the 21st Centry How 'bout it Lincoln Are you ready to step up or shall we continue to reserve your seat in the nursing home, forthe old and dying?? Oh and by the way I am one of those who would buy a Lincoln if it had balls and rear wheel drive, and I'm in my 40's … food for thought!!

  • Tee

    I must agree Lincoln is behind and needs to think more out side the box. First, Lincoln needs to introduce a new lincoln 2 door hot rod luxury coupe (cadillac cts coupe V ). Second, bring back the Continental with 4 suicide doors but make it the size of the 4 door CTS, then make it a convertible (top of the line) with 3 engine choices. Also bring back some colors with two tone designs and make the dash like no other. In other words make the inside like an expensive living room. Then introduce a small (gas saving) cross-over about the size of Honda's cr-v which would appeal to young mothers and give it a good starting price. Third, The Lincoln Brand needs it's own store with state of the art design. Come on Lincoln lets get rid of these models and make it happen with some new designs. I am very sure your new young customers (30 to 45) will welcome you to the 21st Century and you'll also keep your old customer's too. Because when you think about it who really wants to look old, even when they are.