Lindsay Lohan gets arrested after hitting pedestrian with Porsche Cayenne image

The famous American actress, model and recording artist, Lindsay Lohan, has been involved in another traffic incident which led to her arrest.

Lindsay Lohan has been recently arrested by the New York police after hitting a pedestrian with the Porsche Cayenne and fleeing the scene. According to the guys at, the accident took place while the 21-year old girl was trying to park her Porsche Cayenne in Manhattan. Fortunately for both the pedestrian and the actress, the accident took place at a very low speed.

Witnesses are saying that one of her friends has got out of the SUV to see if it has been scratched and after that they all left the car and entered a hotel. Someone who has seen the whole incident called the police and Lindsay Lohan was arrested around 2:30 AM. Lohan is on probation for jewelry theft and there may be some serious consequences of the allegations prove true.

This isn’t the only traffic incident in which Lindsay Lohan was involved and back in June she crashed a rental Porsche 911 into a truck and then she tried to bribe the truck driver to let her mum stay on the scene. One month later, the starlet rear-ended a silver Mustang at a stoplight on Sunset Boulevard.