Lionel Richie Buys Himself Seven Mercedes Cars for Christmas image

Lionel Richie bought himself a small Christmas present: seven Mercedes cars, all for him.

It seems that 2012 has been a really good year for the ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ singer, Lionel Richie. To make sure this Christmas he will get exactly what he wished for, he decided to buy his own present: seven brand new Mercedes vehicles. The funny part is that the shocked salesman didn’t recognize the start and though it was a joke when he heard how many cars Lionel wanted to buy.

”I decided to buy myself a Mercedes – or two! In blue jeans and T-shirt, I walked into a Montgomery, Alabama, dealership and said, ‘I’ll buy seven Mercedes.’ Staring, the guy asked, ‘Son, you got some proof?’ I had him call LA’s Bank of America president. He hung up and segued from ‘Son’ to, ‘Mr. Richie, right this way, please.’ ” Lionel told the New York Post newspaper.

But Lionel Richie has also thought of those less fortunate and this Christmas he has worked with Scottish charity Cash for Kids, a non-profit organization which aims to get children in the country out of poverty. Lionel has also helped singer Shania Twain, who recently thanked him and Michael Buble for helping her restart her career. The start has been battling with vocal disorder dysphonia since 2002, but when Lionel and Michael invited her to perform on several projects, she discovered she could overcome the obstacle.