Listen to BMW M5’s engine in your speakers image

Being probably one of those technologies where someone will stand out of the crowd and say “Hey, why didn’t anyone thought of this before?”, the German automaker BMW developed a system that “catches” the V8’s sound and broadcasts it in the cabin through the speakers.

Future customers of the new M5 generation will feel the engine and exhaust system closer to them thanks to BMW’s “innovation” that brings the sound of the V8 and the exhaust inside the cabin, “playing” it using the car’s audio system.

BMW says that the technology, named Active Sound Design, can replay the sound inside the cabin in real time using the multimedia system and the driver will be “more connected” to what’s going on under the hood or at the rear end, where the exhaust ends.

According to the German automaker, the new system can be adjusted with the Sport, Sport+ or M “buttons”, which besides sharpening the car’s performance will also improve the sound inside the cabin.