Sir Stirling Moss, currently 86 years of age, is a very famous British citizen – so famous that among others he lent his name to the Lister Jaguar recreation and the one million pounds price doesn’t seem farfetched.

Moss made his name on the track back in the days when racing was just as adventurous (read risky) as taking a trip to the Moon today – and he is among others dubbed the greatest driver never to win the World Championship. He also gave up professional racing a very long time ago – in 1962, following a hard crash during the Glover Trophy – but before that happened he also snatched one of his greatest victories during the 1958 Silverstone Grand Prix where he manned the Lister Knobbly.

Lister Jaguar Stirling Moss can be yours for one million pounds 6

About six decades later, he decided to patron the hand-crafted recreation of the super lightweight racecar he drove back in 1958, now titled the Lister Jaguar Stirling Moss. Just ten of these exquisite replicas will ever be manufactured, packing a 3.8-liter Jaguar straight-six with a wide angle head and magnesium sump, a four-speed manual transmission with magnesium clutch casing, lightweight magnesium body shell and tubular 16 gauge steel chassis. This means the Lister Jaguar Stirling Moss is exactly as specified in the blueprints by Brian Lister. And by the way the one million pounds price also gets you much more than the car itself – including a dinner with Sir Stirling Moss or one-year entry into the Stirling Moss Trophy Race Series.


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