Most of us don’t know about the troubles of living in the world’s most populous country, but it turns out Mini does and aims to make life easier just a little bit more with its new Mini Living apartment complex and entertainment space.

Mini is not the first nor the last automaker to also lend its credentials to architecture, as it has revealed it will partner with Nova Property Investment to create a new concept of a combined apartment complex and entertainment space in Shanghai, China. The Mini Living property aims to tackle the urban challenges of cities in China, by providing small apartments doubled by large, shared living spaces for creating a sense of community. The space is labeled as a multi-layered co-living initiative” and aims to mix apartments, workspaces, restaurants, a food market, gardens, and play areas.

Live a Mini life in China 2

The brand is also aiming to use this new creation as an experiment for high-tech, digital services – the residents would have seamless integration to request a vehicle from the firm’s car sharing service or book a reservation at the on-site restaurant. “We are rethinking the idea of living space in the city and developing attractive, need-oriented living concepts. Our aim here is to offer an extremely high quality of life within an extremely small area,” explains Peter Schwarzenbauer, Mini’s customer experience chief. Construction is scheduled to kick off before the end of the year at the site of a six-building campus from a former paint factory in the Jing’An district of Shanghai.


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