Lamborghini announces 2016 availability of Esperienza and Accademia programs image

Power is nothing without control – this should be an universal credo for both automakers and owners, especially if we’re talking about hp bombs such as the ones produced in Italy by Lamborghini.

If you’re a regular of our site you know how many supercars have been rendered useless by their owners due to one slight judgment error – overconfidence in one’s driving skills. So, it’s great that automakers are looking to keep their customer base entertained and alive and well. That’s great for business – the customer will churn out lots of cash to join these programs and then learn how to survive and stay alive long enough to become a repeat customer. Lamborghini has recently announced the 2016 schedule for both training courses, which can be found across four continents.

First off the Italians will kick off with the Winter Accademia in Livigno, Italy, taking place late February and training drivers how to handle slippery surfaces and still post impressive times. The Winter Accademia also has the North American program in Aspen, Colorado. Moving on we have the Track Accademia at Phillip Island, Australia and Imola, Italy. Motorsport enthusiasts will be glad to find the following courses will take place during European rounds of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo series. Additionally the US Accademia events will be hosted by the Laguna Seca racetrack and the Pilota Lamborghini will be happening in Las Vegas.

The latter is the most advanced course available and will train drivers to become real racing pilots, while the Esperienza and Accademia courses are intensive or advanced types. Each of the latter will have 24 and 20 spots, respectively.