Logan and Sandero get automatic transmissions image

But don’t get too excited because they are wearing the Renault badges on their bodies and they are being offered in Russia.

The popular budget cars Logan and Sandero have received an automatic transmission option in Russia. The vehicles are signed by Renault and the range includes the Logan, Sandero and Sandero Stepway. The gearbox is a 5-speed robotized manual which has been called the EasyR. It is built with components from ZF and offered with the 1.6 liter petrol burner, producing 82 HP. There is also a more powerful version of the 1.6l unit, with 102 HP, available with the DP2 automatic gearbox with four speeds.

Renault is producing these cars locally and they have different components from the ones available in the rest of Europe which are designed to cope with the cold. These include the windshield, the electric system and the suspension. The Dacia Logan equipped with the 1.6l 82 HP 5-speed automatic starts from 508,000 rubles (8,345 euros) in Russia and for the more powerful Logan automatic, Russians will have to pay 546,000 rubles (8,970 euros). At this time, Dacia has no plans of offering automatic transmission versions of the Logan and Sandero on the Old Continent so customers will have to settle for the only gearbox in the range, the 5-speed manual.