Did you ever believe the well known and charismatic Elon Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur and overall business visionary, could be easily impersonated?

Well it appears such idiots do exist. An executive of an oil pipeline services company attempted not long ago to discover non-public financial info – and he was double moron in doing so. According to the complaint filed by Tesla against Todd Katz in the Superior Court of Santa Clara County, the oil exec used the hilarious e-mail “elontesla@yahoo.com” solely for the purpose of “becoming” Elon Musk. And he tried to contact somebody who clearly knows the real Musk very well – Tesla’s CFO on August 3 to try and obtain confidential details regarding the EV manufacturer’s financial projections. According to the lawsuit, the email received by Jason Wheeler read as follows: “why you so cautious w Q3/4 gm guidance on call? also what are your thoughts on disclosing M3 res#? Pros/cons from ir pov? what is your best guess as to where we actually come in on q3/4 deliverables. honest guess? no bs. thx 4 hard work prepping 4 today”.

Yes, high paid idiots still exist – the thing didn’t end when the Bush family left the administration. Todd Katz, chief financial officer of Seattle-based Quest Integrity Group, only received news of the lawsuit against him, with Tesla claiming there were up to 10 other people involved in the failed scam and seeking both financial compensation for the alleged actions and reimbursement for all of the costs incurred during the investigation, as well as coverage of the legal fees in relation to the lawsuit.

Via Forbes.com


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