Some of the car terrorists have attacked London. Don’t worry, these terrorists don’t kill, they just steal. There is strong news that some rime thieves are activated quite heavily in London. The picture here in front of you is of Bentley Continental GT Speed. But the speed motivator of the car, Wheels is removed from the car by the thieves along with the rims. The car lovers would be aware of the fact that this car was used by James Bond, Aston Martin DBS. Unfortunately, the Bond 007 car is now left with 00 car wheels.

This incident took place in the Mayfair area which is considered as the heart of the city with the most luxurious and lavish citizens around. The way of car thieves is quite typical as they are not the real car thieves, not even are trying to tease DBS but are the rim thieves as the side skirt and the body around rimes is destroyed badly. The thieves were quite successful in stealing three wheels and rimes with perfection but it seems that while targeting the forth one, they might have been disturbed and must have left the job of stealing. The forth tire is in the “as it is” state after witnessing the break of confidence of these thieves. The total damage of the car is estimated at 32,000 pounds.

The London Police has taken charge of the car and is in deep search of these “neat and clean” thieves. Police has announced no alarms for the car lovers but we are banging an awakening alarm to the car lovers and owners in London. Have your car secured from these “car thieves”. Otherwise, you will have to play the role of 007 to search for the car rimes and wheels of your dream machines.


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