London Design Museum hosts the Jaguar XE word cloud sculpture image

Ahead of today’s hotly anticipated debut of the XE S version, Jaguar showcased since Friday, September 5, the XE word cloud sculpture at the London Design Museum.

Hosted by the Design Museum’s “Tank,” the sculpture – meant to celebrate the approaching reveal of the smallest sedan in the Jaguar line-up – will be on site for the visitors to admire until October 6. After that, visitors of the 2014 Paris Motor Show will have the chance to see the real life car – scheduled to make its official public debut there.

Part of the ongoing marketing effort ahead of the model’s launch, the XE word cloud sculpture has been built out of 95 words from various languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. The sculpture is no ordinary one when it comes to fabrication too – the words were artificially designed through computer modeling and then crafted by the same team that had a saying in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

“It has been an enormous amount of fun bringing a word cloud of XE and everything it means to life. It’s hugely satisfying to be recognized by London Design museum and to have our work become part of London Design Festival,” said Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design.

The new sporty variant XE S will be introduced officially later on today, with the model’s XE variants scheduled for debut in October. The new 3-Series and C-Class fighter is expected to blend the usual Jaguar design with powerful engines and British automotive flair.