London Drivers Have to Pay $270M in Congestion Charges image

The Transport for London declared that UK drivers have to pay $270 million in congestion charge fees.

This staggering figure comes even if the number of those trying to avoid paying the fines has declined. In 2010, 52,103 drivers skipped out on paying, and in 2011 the number reached 33,684. Over the past 3 years the Transport for London has sent more than 200,000 letters warning delinquent drivers of the legal consequences they could face for refusing to pay.

A study into traffic times in Europe made by satellite navigation firm TomTom, shows that roads in the Leeds-Bradford area are the most congested in the UK and that drivers lose almost four days each year (86 hours) stuck in jams. In London drivers spend 3.08 days (74 hours) in traffic jams. The study also shows that Warsaw is the most congested city in Europe and Leeds-Bradford in 7th place from 19th in 2011.

“It is amazing that Leeds-Bradford has overtaken London in our congestion ranking. It shows that congestion is not limited to the capital, but is rapidly spreading around the UK’s regional cities,” said Nick Cohn, TomTom’s head of congestion research.

The 2012 TomTom Congestion Index analyzed 31 European cities, with population of over 800,000. Leeds and Bradford have seen a 5% increase in congestion since 2011, the highest in Europe.