The first responder fleet of the London Fire Brigade is a little greener now after adding 52 BMW i3 electric cars, complete with the range extender option.

The London Fire Brigade has been recently delivered a fleet of 52 BMW i3 electric cars that should reduce the unit’s emissions – and the models are being used as rapid response cars by incident commanders and other officers. Clad in the usual red and yellow liveries, complete with LFB branding, blue lights, and sirens, you’ll get to see them soon in action – and also hear them although there’s no engine noise. The models also have the optional range-extender powertrain, which adds an auxiliary petrol engine (a BMW motorcycle unit) to act as generator to replenish the batteries on the go.

While the i3 has a maximum speed of just 90 miles-per-hour (145 kilometers-per-hour), it’s more than enough to reach any part of London – and the acceleration to city speed levels 40 mph (65 km/h) will be way better than the diesel Vauxhall Astras in use at the moment. The LFB is now also accredited by the UK government’s Go Ultra Low campaign, which encourages companies to adopt low-emission vehicles – and 73 firehouses across London have the necessary charging points for the new i3s.



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