London’s Heathrow airport will handle about 116,000 departures, or 21,000 more than the usual peak-season average as the athletes and tourists are leaving London.
London’s subway and the Heathrow Express rail service are also experiencing increased traffic.

Heathrow opened a special Olympic terminal with 31 check-in desks to accommodate departing athletes and support staff. The airport is said to have spent £20 million on facilities for Olympics visitors and handled 80% of arrivals to the UK for the Games.

In London, traffic is returning to normal today. Many commuters had steered clear of London during the games, after a campaign urging them to use public transport.
Some taxi drivers say they’re ecstatic that the games are over. During the Olympics, many drivers were banned from using special lanes for athletes and officials. One driver says a lot of his colleagues “barely broke even during the games.”

On the same time, Lord Moynihan is stepping down as chairman of the British Olympic Association.

He intends to stay on as chairman until an election is held in November to find a successor.

In a letter to the governing bodies that make up the BOA board, Moynihan said he was going now rather than serving a full term because he wanted his successor to be able to prepare for the Sochi Winter Games and participate fully in the debate about the future of the BOA.


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