The Geely-owned Coventry-based company – the traditional producer of London Black Cabs – has decided to change its name into the London EV Company, or LEVC.

And they-re doing it with a purpose – as they also revealed the first official images of the latest version of the London Taxi, the TX, which is actually new from the ground up. And for cabbies it might bring good news – as the firm claims it will save them £100 (about $130) a week on fuel alone. The new LEVC TX opens a completely new chapter in the company’s history – as mandated by the city’s regulators who are prohibiting the sale of new cabs that aren’t electrified. The TX won’t have a problem, with 400 miles of range and 70 miles in zero emissions mode, with first orders starting in August. From January 2018, new ICE cabs, particularly diesel ones, will no longer be licensed in London – the exception being the ones with a minimum 30-mile range, sub-50g/km CO2 emissions and a gasoline-powered range-extender engine.

London Taxi Company introduces the LEVC TX 4

Geely has had its eyes on the British automotive industry – they are also in the process of taking over Lotus. But for LEVC it was more important the connection with Volvo – because the parent’s £325 million investment into the new LEVC TX also involved Volvo for the battery electric powertrain and gasoline generator range-extender expertise. The new TX London cab uses aluminum bonding technology, and the design is instantly recognizable but with modern technology – LED running light tech, rear passenger door opening at 90 degrees, Wi-Fi, mobile device charging points and enough space to fit six persons inside.


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