More than 1.000 London taxis out of the total 21.000 which are currently running the streets of the British city will be filled with cooking oil and the bio-fuel can already be found in two stations.

According to The Guardian, the bio-fuel companies Uptown Oil and Pure Fuels are collecting the cooking oil from restaurants and fast-foods and during a week they are gathering around 30.000 liters which are being sold in the two stations where the London taxis will go to fill their tanks.

“Besides being a local product, the cooking oil is cheaper than petrol, more eco and better for the engine”, as the driver of a London taxi says.

The CO2 emissions coming from the use of cooking oil instead of regular petrol are down by 80 percent according to the bio-fuel companies. The restaurants in the United Kingdom are throwing away between 50 and 90 million liters of used cooking oil which most of the time ends up in the sewerage.


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