London to impose extra charge for high polluting cars image

London drivers will have to pay an extra 10-pound fee from next year if they want to bring their polluting cars in the central area of the city.

Britain is already behind the targets set by the European Union regarding air quality and London is among the most polluted cities within the region. And now, considering the fact it has decided to leave the block, it would be probably fall even further behind if they do not act swiftly. However, the newly elected mayor Sadiq Khan has confirmed new measures into this direction, a plan dubbed “T-Charge,” that will impose an additional 10-pound charge for owners of pre-Euro 4 petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles who are driving through central London during rush hours. The city already forces motorists to pay a 11.50-pound congestion charge and the new fee will add up to the existing one.

“I have been elected with a clear mandate to clean up London’s air. The previous mayor was too slow on this issue, the government has been hopelessly inactive and it’s Londoners who are suffering as a result,” the mayor said.

Khan also proposed other measures to tackle the pollution problem, such as the extension of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone beyond the city center one year earlier than the previous 2020 target, a proposal that currently includes another levy depending on vehicles’ NOx emissions levels. London also wants cleaner buses on the most polluted routes and a diesel scrappage programme that would give cash incentives to drivers choosing a much environmentally friendlier car.

Via Autocar