Looking for a cheap Bugatti Veyron –here’s a replica for close to $60,000 image

Though if you’re out looking for bargains you will have to give up a lot in terms of styling and overall good taste.

Someone with really obvious tastes has recently decided to acquire this Bugatti Veyron replica that is based on an equally weird chassis choice – a 2001 Mercury Cougar. The ad from the seller might have actually sealed the deal though: “YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH OF A ROCKSTAR YOU WILL BE DRIVING THIS. YOU WILL STOP TRAFFIC EVERYWHERE YOU GO.” (we kept it unchanged, even in terms of font). While the usual roster of replicas (most coming from places such as China or Russia) are usually pretty bad this one is not so much as the fiberglass body might fool many untrained lookers – at least if viewed in motion or from far away. By the way, the seller even said this replica has a functional rear wing that mimics the real one from the original vehicle.

This Veyron “impostor” will not have the astonishing W16 engine and instead uses a mundane 3.0-liter Duratec V6 engine taken from another Mercury – the Stable. The powertrain has been upgraded using an SVO intake and is mated to a bespoke exhaust system that “sounds unbelievable” – again in the words of the seller. By the way, the stock Mercury Stable had 201 ponies from the V6 and we’re thinking the Veyron replica hasn’t added too many during the conversion. The knockoff is most easily noticeable when stepping inside the cockpit, even though it now has nothing to do with the Cougar.

  • Mary Johanssen

    It still has 4 wheels and only gets you from a to b however much it costs or whatever it’s called.