If you did not meet your match yet, Nissan urges you to look for its drivers, as a study suggests that they are loyal and generous people.

There are many studies out there targeting drivers’ behavior behind the wheel, but this one is focusing on something completely different. In a research made by the Psychometrics Centre at Cambridge University in the UK, Nissan owners were discovered to be among the most agreeable people you would like to meet. Therefore, if you did not find love yet, you now know what to look for. Based on personality profiling techniques, the study also shows that Nissan owners were the most generous, loyal and friendly among a cross-section of European drivers. The University discovered that they were much more likely to think of others before themselves, and be far more interested in economic welfare and social justice. The main reason behind Nissan’s curiosity in this direction is that personality profiling is just one of the many ways in which the automaker is engaging with its customers to better understand their needs, improving thus the experience behind the wheel, online, in showrooms and in service centres across Europe.

“Personality assessment and automotive design are a perfect match,” Dr Richard Mills, Doctor of Psychometrics at Cambridge University’s Psychometric Centre, explained. “Our research shows that Nissan drivers are generally seen as trusting, soft-hearted, generous and sympathetic. They are considerate and friendly, and think other people are honest and decent, as opposed to competitive and self-interested.” But you need to hurry if you want to find your perfect drivers, as the survey also revealed the vast majority were already involved in long-term relationships.


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