Los Angeles Auto Show preview: it’s all about luxury and performance image

With auto sales in the United States going sky high, consumer confidence through the rooftop and gas prices falling steadily, the Los Angeles auto show has decided to skip the recent approach that puts fuel economy and green cars up front.

The theme for the edition seems to be ready to throw away the usual cautious approach that has been lurking above every auto show since we got out of the recent Great Recession. So, luxury, performance and exclusive high-end offerings are back in fashion. There’s a long list of premium and performance cars (and a new generation of the iconic Ford Explorer) making the headlines as global premieres at Los Angeles later on today. The industry is again catering for those who can and want to – luxury buyers.

You’ll be getting across the Mercedes-Maybach, Porsche Panamera Exclusive and Audi R8 Competition, BMW and Jaguar also show off global products. Cadillac is touching both aspects – luxury and performance – with the ATS-V. Utterly dynamic and high-revving Mustangs would also be present – including the new edition of the Shelby GT350. This is going to be Ford’s most powerful, naturally aspirated production engine ever – a 5.2-liter V8 that can out up to 500 horsepower.

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