We’re not kidding and the technology employed might save lives – the street lights in LA are getting microphones that will detect crashes and will immediately send a distress signal to alert the saviors.

The idea is to have the response times of emergency vehicles come down even further – we all know that every second counts in case of a crash. If ambulances and firefighters get there faster they can deliver the needed aid and maybe save someone’s life in case of severe accidents. Los Angeles is already one of the “smartest” cities in the world and the local authorities are constantly trying to improve public safety by providing faster support services. With assistance from Philips certain light poles in the City of Angels have been equipped with microphones capable of monitoring the ambient sound in select parts of the city in order to get “a very articulated and diverse reading of the urban soundscape, ” according to Dietmar Offenhuber, assistant professor at Northeastern University.

The city has more than 200, 000 street lights – one of the biggest street-lighting networks in the world. The idea also comes after in 2015 the authorities introduced another program having to do with smart connected street lighting management systems also developed with Philips. Named “CityTouch,” it mixes local mobile networks with cloud-based technologies to optimize street lights and also monitor the use of energy of each light pole as well as the noise pollution.

Via Lux Review 


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