Los Angeles Mayor a Chinese alternative-energy auto maker is establishing its North American headquarters in downtown LA.

The announcement is an important step forward in attracting green businesses to the City and represents a big win for Los Angeles City officials. It validates the City’s efforts to aggressively pursue innovative and renewable energy companies to locate in the area.

Los Angeles City Hall. In process of seismic u...Image via Wikipedia

BYD expects to hire 150 jobs throughout 2010 and 2011 as it rolls out its fleet of vehicles to California markets first before expanding throughout the country.

The headquarters for BYD will be located at 1800 South Figueroa. The office building lies within the Downtown Business District. BYD has signed a long-term lease agreement and expects to take occupancy in the fourth quarter. BYD’s green energy technologies will be on display at its new headquarters and will feature its vehicles, solar panels, energy storage systems and advanced LED lighting products. The building will also house BYD’s Research & Development arm that will develop current versions of their popular vehicles selling in China for the U.S. consumer market.

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