Lotus Creates More Than 100 New Jobs image

British automaker Lotus has created more than 100 new jobs to deal with increased demand.

The British sports cars manufacturer is currently recruiting workers to create more than 100 new jobs. Lotus will add 40 manufacturing operatives, 45 specialist engineers and 18 graduates to deal with an increase in global demand for the automaker’s sports cars and ahead of an expected rise in interest for its engineering consultancy services.

“We want Lotus to be at the forefront of the global automotive industry and for us to remain competitive, we will introduce more exciting products,” said Aslam Farikullah, Chief Operating Officer at Lotus.

The announcement comes soon after owners DRB-HICOM said they will make an investment of £100 million, which will help the automaker strengthen its quality, efficiency, productivity and engineering. The newly hired graduates and engineering specialists will help the company develop new products, which will ultimately reach global markets. Currently, almost 90% of Lotus’ vehicles are exported on the entire world.

“It’s a positive sign for both the UK car industry and Lotus that we are able to recruit such a high number of both experienced specialists and graduates, who will take their first steps on an exciting and rewarding career path,” said Mark Pym, Group Head of Human Resources at Lotus.

Source: autoexpress.co.uk