The British based automaker Lotus is still planning to produce the Esprit model and also to improve the Elise, the Exige and the Evora.

After being bought by DRB-HICOM earlier this year, things aren’t looking perfect for Lotus but even so, the company’s new owner is still keeping the Esprit on track for production. The model isn’t known when it will hit the market but this might be the only new vehicle which Lotus might produce because the other five models revealed in Paris a couple of years ago will never see the assembly line.

The good news is that the DRB-HICOM chief operating officer Aslam Farikullah has announced that the company will keep all 1,189 British jobs at Lotus and they will focus on improving the current Elise, Exige and Evora vehicles but the bad news is that Lotus has only managed to deliver just over 800 units this year which is a low number for the British based automaker.

Lotus is currently being sued by Dany Bahar for 6.7m GBP for unfair dismissal and by two senior managers who are also taking the company to an industrial tribunal. Additional details on Lotus’ future remain unknown for the moment.

Source: Auto Express


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