Lotus Exige crashed in Mexico image

A Lotus Exige sports car has been recently crashed in Mexico after its driver probably pushed the gas pedal too hard and met with another vehicle up close, or perhaps a tree or pole.

We have always said here on inautonews.com that where ever there will be exotic cars there will also be exotic car crashes and the latest example of such an unfortunate incident is coming all the way from Mexico where a Lotus Exige sports car has definitely seen better days. Even if this isn’t quite an exotic ride, the Lotus Exige is definitely one rare vehicle and the fact that the image has been taken in Mexico, it made us want to share it.

According to the guys at wreckedexotics.com, the Lotus Exige in question has been caught on camera at a repair shop, in Queretaro, Mexico, but there is no additional info on this, for the moment. Our source doesn’t say how the sports car ended up looking like that or if anyone was injured in the crash, but one thing is for sure, judging by the looks of it, the driver walked away without any scratches. Perhaps it was a drug deal gone bad, considering the fact that this is Mexico.

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