The Lotus sub-brand is currently under review by DBR-Hicom, after the company has bought Proton’s shares from the Malaysian government just a few days ago.

If Proton’s days are apparently being numbered and the automaker will go through some severe costs cuts, the same thing can’t be said about their Lotus sub-brand, and after it will be reviewed, the company will probably become more independent, just like Audi to Volkswagen. According to sources inside DRB-Hicom, the company who recently bought Proton’s shares from the Malaysian government, the British brand review will focus on the involvement in motorsports, sponsorships and especially in Formula 1.

“If Lotus continues to ride on Proton, it will be cancerous, it will be like a parasite. Hence, it requires a review so that it can stand alone and be successful, perhaps like what Audi is to its parent Volkswagen AG”, as sources inside DRB-Hicom recently told Business Times.

In other words, the Proton parent company will have to cut down its costs, and DRB-Hicom has great plans for the car manufacturer, which is supposed to become a serious regional player within three years, before becoming a global player and battle on the same level with its future Japanese, South Korean and eventually German rivals.


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