Lotus not going to Paris Motor Show image

Lotus has recently announced that it won’t attend the 2012 Paris Motor Show because of financial problems.

The largest automotive event of the year, the 2012 Paris Motor Show, will start without Lotus, who has announced that it won’t come to France because of some “classic” problems involving the economy. Even if the 2010 Paris Motor Show hosted a lot of concept cars signed by Lotus and seeming like they will hit the market over the following years, the British company is now building and selling just a few hundred vehicles.

“Our parent company, DTB-HICOM, has invested new funds and it is my job to make sure that investment is used in a way that can drive the company forward. We are working on a number of new developments which require funding and that must be the priority”, as a source within the company told autocar.co.uk.

The Malaysian based automaker Proton, the owner of Lotus, has been bought earlier this year by DRB-Hicom, a company that is wishing a substantial cost cut and this is the main reason why Lotus won’t attend this year’s Paris Motor Show. Lotus’ activities aren’t being suspended just yet because the brand was present at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.