Lotus sees increasing demand from China image

Lotus sales in China are booming, as the sports car maker announced it had received four times more orders for the limited-series Evora GTE than it expected.

Demands for the special edition sports car costing over €200,000 were four times larger than Lotus forecast. CEO Dany Bahar said he was relieved the carbon-fiber model was met with such enthusiasm in China. “When we developed this business, there was criticism that Lotus had never built such a product range before. It was a relief to see, even today with the current quality and product, we could sell it at that price,” Bahar was quoted as saying by Automotive News Europe.

The special edition Evora GTE was originally planned as a limited offering exclusive to the Chinese market, with a price tag of €213,000. “We were initially just going to have 25 of them because we were unsure whether we could justify that high price. But it turned out the Chinese market ordered 115. We did not expect that demand,” Bahar added. The CEO confirmed that the GTE will eventually be offered worldwide, with prices in the UK sitting between £110,000 and £120,000.

Lotus’ sales in China surpassed 450 units since the company announced its first local dealership in May. Bahar expects to have 14 showrooms in China by the end of 2012.