Lotus USA appoints former Ferrari North America chief Parlato as CEO image

Lotus Cars USA announced that Maurizio Parlato, former CEO of Ferrari North America, has been appointed CEO of the Lotus’ U.S. subsidiary.

According to Lotus spokesman Kevin Smith, Parlato has been working for Lotus for several months, but the company has not made the appointment public until now as it was busy with appearances at numerous shows.

Maurizio Parlato left Ferrari North America on January 1 2010, after seven years as CEO and 20 years with the company. Smith said Lotus Cars USA officially announced Parlato as CEO at the Los Angeles auto show on November 16. However, he has been chief executive officer since the Frankfurt auto show in mid-September.

Lotus’ spokesman said Lotus will benefit from Parlato’s experience with a company like Ferrari, as the British company repositions „a good part of its future portfolio”. „He has the experience we need to help insure success with our future Lotus vehicles,” Smith was quoted as saying by the Automotive News. “Parlato is a welcome addition to the team. He’s brought in a lot of energy already and great contacts in the industry,” Smith added.

Smith also said Lotus Cars USA is aiming to strengthen its dealer network to better prepare for selling cars that may cost anywhere from $78,000 on the low-end to $180,000 for current concept cars.