A recent study shows Louisiana as having the most expensive car insurance in the US, with average annual premiums of $2, 699.

While Louisiana ahs the most expensive car insurance, at the other end is Maine, with the cheapest car insurance averaged at $1,510 annually. According to the report released by Insure.com, Louisiana has an annual average insurance rate of $2,699, followed by Michigan and Georgia. The report calculated the car insurance rates for 2013 models of more than 750 vehicles in all the US states.

“[Louisiana] is consistently at the top of our rankings,” said Amy Danise, editorial director of Insurance.com. “One way to mitigate the rate pain is to buy the cheapest car to insure in the state, which is the Jeep Patriot Sport in Louisiana. The worst choice would be a Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG sedan, which carries the highest rates in Louisiana.”

If in Loiusiana, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma and Washington, D.C. a driver would pay annual premiums over $2,000, in New York drivers would pay around $1,369, less than the national average of $1,510, while in California they would pay $1,819 per year. Of course, the price varies according to local insurance rules.


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