Low Cost: Geely IG to beat Tata Nano image

Chinese automaker, Geely, is making plans for unseating the Tata Nano as the world’s cheapest car with their very own hatchback based on the IG concept it showed during the recently-concluded Beijing Motor Show.
The Chinese automaker has announced that it will bring its IG concept to market, and that it will cost a mere $2,250 at current conversion rates. The car will certainly not come with gull wing doors to keep the cost down but company claims their car – Intelligent Geely (IG) to be of better quality than that of Tata Nano.

The car will be 185 mm longer and will have a 100mm longer wheelbase than the Toyota IQ. Although the car will be a 4 seater, rear space is very limited unlike the Nano which can accommodate 4 adults in comfort.

Geely once launched in India will definitely give tough competition to Tata Nano. Pricing difference may be a little up and down but when it comes to quality Geely has an advantage.