What happens when you’re an unknown startup looking to make a name for yourself in the new luxury eco battlefield? You come up with enticing ideas.

For the world, the benchmark in the green segment is today Tesla Motors – a very young automaker by anyone’s standards but revolutionary nonetheless. So, with traditional automaker and various startups racing to come up with the much needed rivals, what do you do to stand out from the crowd? You put a lot of power into a eco powertrain – or you go for a huge interior – or both? This is what Lucid Motors is apparently up to – don’t worry if the name doesn’t sound familiar because they were called Atieva and their project “Atvus” not long ago. At least they seem to be on the right track – as they are now showing us glimpses of a completed pre-production electric sedan.


Lucid is packing 900 horsepower into the sedan, and is also showing us the competitors it’s looking to beat (maybe they know the Tesla Model S is unreachable?) – namely the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes-Benz S Class. This is because they decided to emphasize on the vehicle’s overall interior volume – being as spacious as both of them but in a slightly more compact body. The packaging is of course derived from the electric powertrain – the batteries lay flat within the chassis underneath the cabin.


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