Lumma Design Bentley Bentayga is perfect for the Strongman contest image

There are those who need to have their car reflect their physical condition – so we think this Lumma Design version of the Bentayga is mostly appropriate for Strongman competitors.

The aftermarket specialist decided the regular Bentayga isn’t imposing enough so they decided to grace the upcoming Geneva Motor Show with their wide-body version. The tuner calls this the CLR B900 Wide-Body kit – a long name for what we would have called a “Hulk” Bentayga. Anyways, you can have this kit either for the W12 or diesel V8 Bentayga, and after seeing it in person at the Swiss auto show you’ll be able to order one with deliveries kicking off later this year. Lumma says the new kit has been developed starting from the CLR X6R Wide-Body kit that befits the BMW X6, an comes with “I’ll beat you down like a nail” aggressiveness for the front end.

The front has a vented carbon-fiber hood and a modified bumper with mesh inserts, and on the side we also see flared fender arches and angular side skirts that reach all the way to the back, linking with the wide rear bumper that has an integrated rear diffuser and carbon-fiber exhaust tips – meanwhile the spoilers on the rear lip and roof are part of the pack but can also be purchased separately. The widebody Bentayga rolls on 24-inch wheels with 295/30-24 rubber up front and 355/25-24 tires on the back. The performance side of the package isn’t ready yet, with engineers working on a new exhaust system for the W12 and several tweaks for the V8 diesel.

Lumma Design Bentley Bentayga is perfect for the Strongman contest 1