Lumma Design CLR 550 GT Porsche Cayenne image

Lumma design – the car tuner from Winterlingen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg reveal its program for the brand-new Porsche Cayenne, named CLR 550 GT.

As you expect, carbon fiber is the dominant material in the making of this kit, which at front consists of new radiator grille, air intakes and spoiler lip.

The new sporty bonnet, which is made from high-performance materials such as carbon and Kevlar, also demands to be recognised. The gill-like air inlets provide the best heat dissipation from the engine compartment, and the elevated windscreen wiper cover reduces the aerodynamic drag.


The new LED daytime running lights and the fog lights unit also contribute to the style of the CLR 550.
As this is a tuner sport-utility vehicle, large wheels are a requisite. Lumma offers two forged aluminum designs in both 22- and 23-inch guises (the 23-inch rims are pictured).


Increased performance features and a comprehensive luxury programme for fine-tuning of the interior are already on the table.