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When you imagine an electric car, you probably think of a small hatchback two-door compact car that comes with the basic necessities. Today’s electric car market has changed dramatically from the electric boxes that were first produced, however. Drivers who want the savings and environmental friendliness of a fully electric car no longer have to do without the creature comforts of regular luxury vehicles. Today’s electric cars can be fully appointed with all of the bells and whistles you would wish for in a top of the line automobile.

Battery Conversions for Luxury Vehicles

Some companies do not sell electric vehicles outright. Instead, they sell conversions that will change any regular gasoline powered engine into an electric engine. When you purchase an electric conversion, you have the opportunity to create an electric vehicle from any car you prefer. You can buy the car of your dreams, then have it converted to an electric engine. Conversions provide the best of both worlds. The price tags tend to reflect this high level of flexibility, however. Converted luxury cars can cost almost twice as much as their standard gasoline counterparts.

Going the Hybrid Route

A compromise between fully original electric cars and converted electric cars would be one of the many hybrids that are on the market today. Manufacturers have created hybrid cars that use gasoline power to supplement the electric batteries in a wide range of body styles. You can purchase a hybrid truck, SUV, van, sedan, or compact car for just a little bit more than you would pay for a purely gasoline powered vehicle. The manufacturers are working hard to change the image of electric cars from purely practical to comfortable and well appointed. Hybrids are available with many of the same luxuries you would expect from any other standard vehicle.

Manufacturers Creating New Luxury Models

The ultimate luxury electric car experience can be purchased through a manufacturer that is entirely focused on electric car production. Tesla Motors has created two models that have all of the luxury of a top end sedan. The leather seats and high tech gadgets in these cars can make drivers forget that the engine is powered by a battery rather than gasoline. Nissan and Chevrolet have also been working on creating fully electric cars that are as comfortable as they are economical. As electric technology continues to become more common, the cars should continue to shift from their strictly utilitarian forms and into something you would want to drive cross country.

Costs Coming Down as Technology Becomes More Standard

Electric car prices have dropped in recent months as more companies are releasing their fully electric models into wider distribution. As electric motors become standardized, consumers will be able to take advantage of the price cuts that will follow a more automated production system. As the national infrastructure of car charging stations comes to fruition, demand and production will rise, adding to affordability. The manufacturers will also continue to add luxury details to their electric cars as the designers become more familiar with the unique opportunities they have for new styles with these electric powered cars.

Jessica Bosari writes for She hopes someday to have her own Tesla Model S and an electric vehicle charging station in her garage.