Luxury SUVs are all the rage – as in record gaining – in Europe image

We’re not really preoccupied with sale unless they are reaching alarmingly low levels once more – just like in the years of the economic recession, but we also can’t help but share our opinion on records as well.

For example upscale SUVs in Europe are at an all time high – following a one third advancement after the first nine months of the year. We already knew crossovers and SUVs were all the rage this year on the Old Continent as well – just like everywhere else – but seeing the upper echelon reach for record figures is painting a pretty rosy picture of the European economy. According to figures coming from market researcher JATO Dynamics, a total of 185,000 large premium SUVs were delivered in Europe through the end of September. Interestingly enough – though not surprising considering the smaller XC60 is the leader of the segment without even being new – is the best advancements were registered by the Volvo XC90 – jumping 163 percent thanks to the arrival of the second generation model.

The Swedish luxo-barge has actually reached for the second position in the segment behind the X5, with sales of 26,860 and 28,601 units, respectively. There’s a catch though – the Bavarian representative has only surged about nine percent and the specialists at JATO think the XC90 will have beaten the X5 when all 2016 figures are accounted for. The Audi Q7, also recently revealed in its second generation surged by 83 percent to the last place on the podium with 24,535 autos, followed by the refreshed Mercedes GLE soaring 35 percent to 22,409.

Via Automotive News Europe