Lyft finds a new autonomous partner – startup nuTonomy image

While the ride-sharing company is behind Uber in the United States and doesn’t have a global presence like its competitor it certainly outweighs the latter in one category – autonomous driving.

That’s because Lyft is actively leveraging partnerships all around in a bid to make sure it will catch the revolutionary train of autonomous mobility. While Uber has some partnerships – with Volvo and Mercedes just to name the largest – Lyft is apparently ahead of its competitor even without actually pouring huge chunks of money into development because it doesn’t have its internal project like Uber does. Instead, they branched out to other possible allies – General Motors and its subsidiary Cruise Automation are diligently at work to deliver a fleet of thousands of driverless electric Chevrolet Bolts. Lyft has also allied with Waymo – the Google subsidiary that has already become a force to be reckoned with in the field.

And now they’re also signing a partnership with nuTonomy – a well-known startup company that actually last year premiered the first driverless ride shares with people, not test subjects. They also recently came to an agreement with PSA to help them test the technology in Singapore. The new deal between Lyft and nuTonomy will see them align technology platforms for the autonomous solution – from routing and booking to the performance of system and the way it handles interaction and communication with the passengers.