Lykan Hypersport debuts in Dubai image

The Lykan Hypersport has recently made its public debut, in production form, during the 2013 Dubai International Motor Sport.

Originally introduced a year ago, as a concept car, the Lykan Hypersport is attracting a lot of attention these days, as the final production version of the model has been officially presented to the public during the 2013 Dubai International Motor Show. The model in question is made by W Motors and it’s finished in gunmetal gray, for one unit, while the other is painted in blue.

W Motors says that the brand new Lykan will be developed in two versions, the Lykan Supersport, a tamed variant, and the top of the line Lykan Hypersport. Both supercars are based on the same platform and they are powered by a 3.7 liter flat six-cylinder engine, produced by RUF, the famous Porsche tuner. The Lykan Hypersport is producing a total output of 750 HP, which will be enough for a 0 to 60 mph sprint made in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 245 mph.

The Lykan Hypersport has suicidal style doors, a holographic display system in the cabin, premium materials like titanium, carbon fiber and precious stone and some other interesting tweaks, which should make it popular with its future buyers. Prices for the model will be set at 3.4 million USD and only 7 cars will reach the production line.