Lynk and Co also has an electric sedan concept image

The newest mainstream brand of the automotive world – Lynk and Co – has already presented late last year its first production model, the 01 crossover.

But at the time the company also showed off a four-door sedan concept that was way more futuristic – and somehow remained in the shadows. The company only showed if briefly, even though its imposing front fascia and suicide doors were used to preview the upcoming design language of the brand. But ahead of an upcoming ad campaign for the company’s social media channels we now get to see the car again, in all its glory. Aside from seeing this unique approach to the sedan’s design, the model remains shrouded in mystery – because Lynk and Co. remained mum on details.

Lynk and Co also has an electric sedan concept 0

We do know the newly minted brand belonging to China’s Geely will be using the newly developed CMA – compact architecture it developed along with its Volvo subsidiary. And Lynk and Co. gets to make no less than five high-volume models based on the upcoming Volvo XC40 platform, so a production version of the sedan is most likely coming in the next few years. Naturally the first arrival will be the 01 crossover, which is directly related to the Volvo-developed Compact Modular Architecture, and will arrive first on the Chinese market, with a range of new energy powertrains – plug-in hybrid and pure electric.

Via Adamsky Management